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Laptops for learning Revit, Civil 3D, Lumion, 3ds Max, Unreal Engine - March 2021- Under Rs.70,000

A lot of you guys get confused about system configuration when choosing a laptop equipped with enough power to handle software used for #BIM Development and Visualization. Therefore, in this blog post, I'll help you pick the best laptop under your budget. This is very much directed to people residing in India but can help those in other regions too.

We'll classify laptops in budget segments starting with minimum 25000 Indian Rupees:

Best #laptop under Rs.30000:

You need minimum 8 GB RAM to run applications such as #Revit. Even after adding extra 4 GB stick, you can easily grab this one under 30000 Indian Rupees.

Best laptop under Rs.40000:

Even after ignoring this because of less recognition in market, I found this a good deal since this comes with 2 years warranty and really good configuration

Best laptop under Rs.50000:

Best laptop under Rs.60000:

Best laptop under Rs.70000:

If you have any questions or confusions about it, you can reach me out on

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