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With our close association like Jhaveri & Jhaveri Co, We pride ourselves as one of the best Lighting & Acoustic Design Consultancy in India coupled with our other engineering services such as BIM which helps visualizing Rigging arrangements, Simulate Accurate Lighting Arrangement, LED Screens Simulation as well as other AV Services. We render our services in projects such as  Residential Housing projects, Commercial projects, Institutional projects with Interiors & Acoustical designing of Auditoriums, Theatres, Recording Studios and Residential Interiors.


  • Lighting Design

    • Lighting Fixtures & Manufacturer selection

    • BIM- Accurate lighting simulation based on Manufacturer's Photo-metric data

    • Lux level calculations & analysis

  • Acoustic Design

  • Event Structural Arrangements Design - AV Rigging & Truss Design, Installation Planning, Disassembly Planning

Relevant Projects:

  • Acoustic Design:

    • INOX Cinemas - at various locations across India​

    • Carnival Cinemas - at various locations across India

    • The Royal Opera House, Mumbai

    • 24 Karat, Mumbai

    • Rupam Cinemas, Mumbai

    • Cinemax Cinemas - at various locations across India

    • Auditoriums - at various locations in India

    • Recording Studios - at various locations across India

  • Lighting Design & Structural Arrangements Design:​

    • London Broadgate Towers ​

    • Forum CCIB, Spain, Barcelona

    • Hall Fira, Spain

    • Hall Boulevard, Spain

    • Kechette, London

    • Cava Rondel, Spain

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