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Green building services

A building designed and constructed in a sustainable manner minimizes its environmental impact by optimizing the use of water, raw materials, energy, and land over the entire life cycle of the building. Sustainable construction provides important benefits and business opportunities:

  • The return on investment can be improved by up to 19%

  • The occupancy when renting can increase by more than 3%

  • Income due to rental fees can increase up to 11%

  • Important savings in operating costs

  • Certified sustainable buildings provide better energy performance of up to 30%


  • Green Building certification

  • Energy Management

  • Materials & Solutions

Green Building Projects:

Contributed in the following projects
i. IIM - Raipur 5 star​
ii. IIM –kashipur 5 star
iii. IIT- Indore 5 star
iv. IIT- Kanpur 5 star
v. The British School, New Delhi 5 star
vi. NCEAR, New Delhi 5 star
vii. Nano Bio Technology Lab, Gaul Pahari, Gurgaon 5 Star
viii. REC, Gurgaon 5 star

ix. Norway Embassy, New Delhi 5 star
x. Directorate Complex, Guwahati 5 star
xi. Assam House, New Delhi 4 star
xii. Kalpan chawla government medical college, Karnal 3 star
xiii. RIAHS- Bhagalpur 3 star
xiv. RIAHS- Bhubaneshwar 3 star
xv. National Law Academy, Guwahati 3 star
xvi. 100+ acres Township by peninsula land, Pune 3 star
xvii. Football Academy, Pune 3 star
xviii. Showroom for Paithani sarees, Paithan Maharashtra 3 star
xix. New Museum for Cinema, Padder Road, Mumbai 3 star
xx. Green Bungalow (SVAGRIHA), Pune 3 star
xxi. Residential Tower, Pune 3 star
xxii. Lonar Low Cost Slum housing, Pune 3 star​

LEED Projects:

i. Vijay Kocher’s Villa, New Delhi

Contributed in optimizing Building design with respect to day lighting and
shading design as per the LEED NC requirements.
ii. Prefeasibility Study of Navi Mumbai Metro stations.

Studies the prefeasibility of upcoming 11 metro stations in the upcoming
metro line at Navi Mumbai as per the LEED NC rating system.

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