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BIM Courses
MEP Engineers - For HVAC, Plumbing, Fire & Electrical Engineers, Designers & Draftsmen

Revit MEP Essentials + Navisworks Manage Clash Coordination

This comprehensive Revit MEP Course is a Project based Training based. After completion of this course, you’ll be able to :

  • Develop HVAC, Sprinkler, Plumbing (WS & Drainage), Electrical Systems along with Fabrication Parts 

  • Develop Parametric / Non Parametric Custom MEP Objects/Families for use in Projects

  • Use features such Groups, Phasing, View Filters, View Templates & Design Options

  • Coordination with Links & Imports, Using Collaboration tools including Worksets. Project Base Point, Shared Coordinates

  • Clash Detection & Reporting in Revit. Clash Detection in Navisworks Manage. Navisworks SwitchBack

  • Scheduling, Annotations, Tags and Sheets

  • Lighting Simulation in Revit using IES families from manufacturer

  • Heating & Cooling Loads, Zoning, Energy Simulation


Dynamo for Revit MEP

After completion of this course, you’ll be able to :

  • Use Dynamo Nodes—Connecting them

  • Use Data Types and Math Functions

  • Use Lists and Strings and Writing to Excel spreadsheet. Filtering/Sorting

  • Points, Surfaces, Solids Geometry and Analysis

  • Linking SAT Revit, Placing Revit Families with Dynamo and Creating Sheet/Views with Dynamo

  • Using Dynamo for MEP workflows like calculations from spaces, populating multiple elements with redundant or calculated parameters like air terminal flow information

  • Use Dynamo with Families


MEP Design Courses
For Architects, Engineers & aspiring MEP Engineers / Consultants
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